Monday, February 27, 2012

Xbox 360 Anniversary Edition Spotted in France

If you are one of those folks asking for a great deal with your Xbox 360, this report can probably tease you to have a new gaming console. However, this 10th Anniversary Edition will just land in Europe and nobody can tell its availability in other country. According to our source, it includes a handful of additional package like extra controller and even months of free access to Xbox Live Gold. Aside from that, a Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition is also available along with Reach and Gears of War 2.

Xbox 360 Anniversary Edition Spotted in France

Any story related to Kinect and this package is not yet available but of course, it is good to hear that the company is giving us a complementary bundles which can be remembered by gamers, right? It is now hovering in Amazon France and if you are one of those possible costumer, you can now place your pre-order for about 280-euros.

However, consumers in United States and neighboring countries already got a chance to have a piece of this Xbox 360 Anniversary Edition few weeks ago. And they are now extending their gift to the other side of the world. In terms of specs, this model is packed with 250GB of storage, 2-wireless controllers and other additional freebies. This is totally similar to the newest version on the market but it differs in terms of package and privileges.


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