Saturday, February 4, 2012

Windows Phone 8 is Coming with NFC Support

Joe Belfiore recently speaks out about the upcoming possible changes with their very own Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system. And this features might embrace the power of Near Field Communication (NFC) which is now become the new standard in smartphone devices. The hardware support can probably change the way we reach our loved ones in the near future and just like of other brands, LTE-enabled device will be added by the newest capability that no one can imagine.

Windows Phone 8 is Coming with NFC Support

Aside from that, Windows Phone 8 is about to bring its support to dual-core mobile processors and talking of speed, this might be the most interesting and good news for Nokia users. We know that the company is now struggling in the middle of competition nowadays. However, as they try to take advantage the power of Microsoft's own software, the game will probably continue.

And guess what, Nokia will continue to give us their MicroSD support even other companies like Apple and Samsung continue to keep their silence about this feature. There are few handset model coming from their line which is now out in the market packed with Version 7 operating system. Furthermore, they are planning to deliver a new high-resolution devices and additional apps that will bump to their big competitors.

According to our source, this will include Skype and Internet Explorer 10 along with Zune desktop synchronization just like of what we can get from iTunes and iOS. And will be added with probably few Xbox apps to extend their gaming resources to a much lighter consoles. Regardless of your mobile phone, enhancements in Wi-Fi connectivity will now change the way we connect to our any available hot spots.

For now, there is no words for the official release date of the upcoming Nokia phone packed with the newest mobile OS of Microsoft but its availability will probably start by this year.


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