Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sony Xperia P 4-Inch Android-Powered Smartphone

The ongoing World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Spain has been occupied by tens and even hundreds of Google Android powered phones. Our expectations to hear the availability of these handsets are now getting clearer just like of Sony Xperia P, one of the newest series of NXT model coming from their line of products. A 4-inches version that runs on the top of 1GHz dual-core processor with a unique aluminum-like design added with NFC-enabled feature. Aside from that, this might be added to their LTE supported line of products.

Sony Xperia P 4-Inch Android-Powered Smartphone

4G networks is getting more far in terms of communication capability and Sony seems taking advantage this technology by giving a new wave of LTE-enabled mobiles. It is hard for us to compare the Xperia P with U and S version but for now, it is good to hear that the mobile phone competition can affect the market prices and its availability in most of our providers.

Furthermore, Xperia P is packed with HDMI output and USB port which make this handset to stand out among the other brands. It includes an imaging app along with its 8-megapixels camera for a high-definition (HD) supports and video playbacks. Pricing details is not yet available but you can check some more soon as we continue to follow the other related details aside from specs report coming from other tech journalist who are now having a great time in WMC.


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