Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sony Got a New Wave of Cyber-Shot Digital Cameras

This year, Sony is up for a new wave of digital cameras, a Cyber-Shot series which are all headed to stores by the spring season. However, pricing details is not yet available for now but of course, it is good to hear that the company is giving us a more advance features compare to the pioneering versions of this handheld cams. It is a batch of colorful models along with a high performance type in terms of image processing and alike.

It includes a thinnest, upgraded, and common models added with additional storage capacity. Both of these seven new models will be joining the competition to earned the attention of consumers worldwide according to report.

Sony Got a New Wave of Cyber-Shot Digital Cameras

For more, the following is the complete list of 2012 versions of Sony's digital imaging stuff:
  • DSC-H90 - One of the tiniest model with a 16x optical zoom and capable of taking a 24-millimeter wide angle of photos (probably, it was optimized for panorama mode).
  • DSC-W690 - A colorful one available in either red-silver, blue-black, and a mono-color from its variations. It is packed with 360 Sweep Panorama and iAuto features.
  • DSC-TX20 - Their waterproof model with a stylish body build and can work for up to 5-meters deep.
  • DSC-HX200V - The DSLR-styled with 30x of optical zoom and capable of taking a Full HD 50-meters video. And it is much bigger compared to the other series.
  • DSC-WX100 - It is more colorful compared to DSC-W690 available in either red-gold, brown-gold, silver-blue, as well in classic silver and black. This might be the world's smallest and lightest cam as noted by the company.
  • DSC-HX20V - Packed with AA lens and an ideal model for travelers. And has a maximum of 20x optical and digital zoom.
  • HX10V - Capable of taking an 18.2-megapixels and high-resolution photos.
These are just the few to mention specs available on the line but try to check some more soon as we continue to follow the other important info and pricing details after of this break.


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