Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Orange Intel-Powered Phone Headed to Europe and France

The code name of that phone right now is "Orange Santa Clara," an Intel-powered handset and the first to embrace the x86 technology that lies within the Atom Z2460 CPU. Availability will probably start on summer but nobody can tell the exact date of release other than those folks working on them, right? And what is good about this is that, we can now experience the newest chip of Intel in mobile phones. In addition to this, this handset was developed and manufactured by Gigabyte but will be sold under the other name.

Photo galleries and sneak peeks are now available on the line, teasing the curiosity of everyone about their new upcoming smartphone. We cannot compare the performance of this device to other brands but in terms of specs, we can predict its participation in the Android Market sooner.

Orange Intel-Powered Phone Headed to Europe and France

Here's the available specs that can give you a few important idea before the physical device arrive to its first customer:
  • CPU: Intel Atom Z2460 (single-core processor)
  • RAM: 512MB to 1GB
  • Storage: 16GB
  • Operating System: Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Connectivity: HSPA+ broadband, typical Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth
  • Weight: About 4-ounces only
  • Camera: 8-megapixels
Battery life was still unknown until reviews and other important details starts to round on tech enthusiasts sites later. And European as well French consumers might be the first to experience the performance of this smartphone few weeks from now.


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