Monday, February 27, 2012

Nokia 808 PureView Windows-Powered Phone

Recently, we heard that the company embraces the support of Microsoft Windows mobile operating system and now, Nokia is probably ready to return in competition. It is because far from what we know, they are working for a game changer handset when 808 PureView showed out and earned the attention of technology journalist in World Mobile Congress. A several models coming from their line of products are now in the market and the other upcoming models can probably get a possible shares from the global market.

Nokia 808 PureView Windows-Powered Phone

This model is quite different compare to what they have and their pioneering Windows-powered handsets. But in terms of features and capability, Nokia 808 PureView is having a much tougher performance because of Carl Zeiss optical technology embedded to its camera. However, it is hard to compare their other Symbian high-resolution supported mobiles but a 41-megapixels sensor, that's a story that we need to dig deeper.

Furthermore, we are waiting for someone to get a first hands-on of this device and to discover the other important specs that lies on their upcoming colorful and unique handset. We are not so familiar of the other technology that lies behind of its development but to hear a few, it's challenge that we need to work with.

Availability and pricing details of 808 PureView is actually far from what we expect but you can join us to keep up with this report after of this break.


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