Thursday, February 9, 2012

A New Version of Call of Duty (COD) is Coming this Year!

Upon hearing the new DLC of Modern Warfare 3 few days ago, we use to think of a new version and this is it! According to our source, there will be a new title coming this year but nobody from the gaming industry can confirm this issue aside probably from the Activision and Blizzard, right? Release date of "Overwatch" map is up this coming February 21 but still, gamers has been stunned by photo galleries and sneak peeks which start to popping out recently in YouTube.

A New Version of Call of Duty (COD) is Coming this Year

Going back to this new version of Call of Duty, this might come before the end of 2012 and that title is still unknown to everyone. All we need to do now is to prepare for another battle that will change our insights from the current platform which already captured the hearts and minds of the online and local gamers around the world.

However, this might be called "Call of Duty 4" as the successor of their blockbuster game hovering in most of Xbox, PlayStation, and PC consoles. Expect a few additional enhancements aside from different maps and realistic combatant skills you need to learn.


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