Friday, February 3, 2012

Mozilla Firefox 10.0 Style Inspector and Eclipse Orion Code Editor

Mozilla Firefox 10.0 is now available for download and still, you can expect it for free. All you have to do is to visit the official website of browser's developer and get your own copy to experience the coolest features that awaits you. But before that, we would like to share the newest additional tools, the Style Inspector and Eclipse Orion Code Editor. These two services was optimized for multimedia supports as noted by their community blog recently. Bugs and other unwanted stuff from the older version has been fixed which includes a browser unwanted crashes in importing bookmarked sites.

Mozilla Firefox 10.0 Style Inspector

Style Inspector is quite similar to Page Inspector which can now help developers to modify their websites at ease. This can give a much easier way of changing your page content without leaving the application. And guess what, the common Scrathpad has been equipped with Eclipse Orion Code Editor which can highlight syntax and give a much better environment in writing JavaScript codes.

Mozilla Firefox 10.0 Eclipse Orion Code Editor

Aside from that, game developers can now make use of Full-Screen API and optimize the entire space for their multimedia applications that runs on the top of their browser. For more, see the following list of additional features of Firefox Version 10.0:
  • Anti-Aliasing Support intended for WebGL which can speedup heavy graphics without the help of other programs
  • CSS 3D Transforms that allows 2D objects to render in 3D through the newest version of Hyper-Text Mark-up Language (HTML)
Furthermore, there are people talking about this newest changes in Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites as well in Mozilla Enterprise User Working Group. This might be the safest and more secured browser at this time and probably, the fastest one compared to Chrome and Internet Explorer 9.

And before we can forget, Mozilla Firefox 10.0 for Microsoft Windows, Machintosh, and Linux operating system are now all available. Check some more soon as we continue to keep up with the latest updates and announcements related to the newest version after of this break.


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