Tuesday, February 7, 2012

iRobot 710 Warrior is Now on Sale!

It is quite awkward for someone who doesn't hear the most powerful robot which can tow a SUV car or lift heavier objects than itself. But now, iRobot 710 Warrior is now on sale! And who will be the expected consumers, probably, the United States military and other companies who can benefit the versatility of the unmanned machine. According to previous report, this might be the strongest and more advance device which can help anyone to do a complicated tasks. One of this has been sent to Japan for a certain mission in Fukushima, Japan during a nuclear power plant tragedy and after the devastating tsunami.

iRobot 710 Warrior is Now on Sale

Furthermore, Technology Review recently announce the availability of iRobot 710 Warrior which is now ready for mass production. And this will be followed by the newest PackBots, a much smaller version with the same capability and versatility as noted by Tim Trainer, the vice-president for operations of the company behind the development and advancements of these machines.

To know more of 710 Warrior, see the following video below as their promotional clips which is also available in YouTube:

In addition to this report, in terms of specs, this machine is packed with X-Ray equipment and firefighting tools as well the anticipated stuff of military, deadly weapons. And that is why they called it, a terrifying commercial bots which is now available for anyone who would like to have a piece of this toy. But of course, it is not a usual stuff we can get from any shopping malls and stores.

And before we can forget, you can now try to look around for PDF manual of iRobot. Pricing and other related details is not yet available but of course, we would like to hear some of your insights as we continue to keep up with this news after of this break.


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