Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Internet Security 2012 is a Fake Antivirus Software

The common name of the new version of this software is Internet Security. For almost 5-years, I've been monitoring this malicious program in our school computer laboratory and internet station. And the latest attack that instantly penetrate my Microsoft Windows 2003 Server comes as early of January of 2012. It is common for this application to pop-up like a regular scanner that will surprise the computer users and force them to buy a license copy or else. This must be remove immediately in our system to avoid a more destructive effects aside from asking you for another complicated action. Actually, it cannot really protect you from any problems found by its results.

Internet Security 2012 is a Fake Antivirus Software

And aside from that, you don't need to buy a full version of this software for a scam is actually waiting you on the other side. It behaves like a legitimate apps installed in your machine but far from what you know, it is a pitfall that will drive you to a much worst situation. We suggest not to panic upon having this problem in your computer instead, just immediately restart your PC to refresh your memory at no time. You need to sacrifice your ongoing task for this can really change your entire computing environment as you ride from its convincing information about of what is going on in your system.

Internet Security 2012 will initiate its own action, an autopilot system will automatically scan your entire system without a prior notice from the user. And guess what, this can tease you to keep up with the scanning because of its realistic appearances in your desktop. And this will display a fake outputs that can confuse you to get a fully functional version for you to get rid of its detected problems.

For you to know more about the signs of this attack, the following is our list of symptoms that can remind you of its possible effect in your computers:
  • Critical usage of your physical memory will be displayed with a system processes which is unknown to the user.
  • You cannot install a new version of your antivirus software coming from reputable developer like Avast and Norton.
  • All your search engines as well Internet browsers will be directed to their own web directories.
  • This can slows down your computer due to its repetitive actions as you start your machine.
On how to remove Internet Security, you probably need a third party program that can terminate its threads in your operating system registry. And before we can forget, Microsoft Windows 7 or earlier versions are the most vulnerable from this attack as noted by our sources. You must have a more stable protection by having a reliable, registered (probably free), and updated antivirus program to stop or block this in the future.

Furthermore, we don't hear a history of this program in Macintosh, Linux, and other open-source OS's but it is clear that the harmful and rogue can run by itself through the loopholes. We would like to warn you from sneaking in unknown download sites for this can be get through a massive and irresponsible browsing.

Hope this few words of ours can guide you on how to remove Internet Security in your affected computers and it is our pleasure to share this healthy tips as we look forward to your good computing experience.

Update: There are small anti-Internet Security software which is now available for download but you need to get it from a well known and reliable source.


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