Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Intel Atom Z2580 Dual-Core CPU for Mobile Phones

Intel recently announce the availability of their newest dual-core processor for mobile phones or probably for smartphones, the Atom Z2580. According to Carry Pad, the company is planning to release this CPU by next year but they will bring it ahead to their business partners and to those company who would like to make use of their technology. It can run to the top speed of about 2GHz which can double the performance of their Atom Z2460, a single-core chips coming from the same line of product.

Aside from that, the company also announced the availability of their Z2460 version which has been optimized for a much faster processing. And this single-core chip can now reach 2GHz in a normal phase. It was followed by their announcement of 1GHz Atom Z2000, a pretty the same microprocessor designed primarily for a much cheaper handsets.

Furthermore, the design of these CPU's vary in terms of size because right now, their newest model is now packed in only 22nm compare to 32nm which are now available in Intel-powered smart devices. More compact and probably powerful than its different predecessors.


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