Friday, February 24, 2012

Intel Atom D2550 is Headed to Desktop Computers

Intel is giving us a new wave of practical stuff in terms of desktop computing by adding a new brand coming from the line of Cedar Trail processor, the Atom D2550. Designed primarily for a low-cost and power-savers machine with hyperthreading support according to reports. It is a dual-core microprocessor but will work in like a quad-core in some computer's task managers. This will run on the top of 640MHz clock speed as noted by the official website of its manufacturer.

Atom D2550 got a 10W TDP's with L2 cache of 512Kb and will join the market by February 26 of this year. Other than this, the company will also bring the newest dual-core version, the Atom D2700 at 2.13GHz with 1MB cache and with the same graphic speed with D2550. However, this is not actually good for power PC's and high-performance computing but this might be the right choice for small entertainment systems.

Pricing and availability in United States is not yet available but try to check some more soon as we continue to keep up with Atom D2550 after of this break.


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