Sunday, February 26, 2012

HP Windows 8 Tablets with Intel and ARM Processors is Coming

We heard a lot of Android-powered tablets coming from ViewSonic and Samsung nowadays but other brands like Hewlett-Packard as well Dell was left behind the issue. Apple is now probably ready to make a big announcement for the newest version of their iPad few days from this day but on the other side, HP is not too late to tell the world of their plan. According to Brooke Crothers of CNet, the company is currently working for another milestone, and that is to continue their battle and to gain the market share in terms of tablet computers.

HP Windows 8 Tablets with Intel and ARM Processors

Just like of Nokia, HP will embrace the capability of Microsoft Windows 8 computing environment because they are currently working for an Intel Atom and ARM Cortex powered tablets. Meg Whitman, the company CEO recently announce their plan and that is to make use of some classical platform to power their device. They are probably planning to take advantage the support of these microprocessors just like of the other manufacturers of netbook and ultra-portable machines.

But to combine the features and capability of a handheld PC and multi-touch environment, that's a new story to tell, right? And in addition to this report, a hybrid model of these computer forms might change our perceptions in the near future. HP Slate 2 are not common to tech journalist but until now, that tablet continue to tease us.

Release date and pricing details is not yet available but our source noted that these machines will probably join the competition few weeks after the official upcoming announcements.


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