Saturday, February 25, 2012

Get a Free Mobile Phones Binded with Contracts

Nowadays, it is hard to get a smartphone with initial high prices, right? And if you are one of those practical buyers, you probably choose to get a free handset coupled with a chance to have an applications which are also available in what we can get from its newest version. However, these mobile phones might be a budget friendly device but try hold back and check the possible outrages in the future.

Here's our list of currently free mobile phones on different network provider in United States. This can probably help you to get a piece of your own tastes and choices.

  • Apple iPhone 3GS - It is currently available in AT&T and you don't need to spend a single drop of your money for a 4G model.
  • LG Phoenix - Similar to iPhone 3GS model. It is also packed with a binding on the same network.
  • Droid Pro - You can have it in Verizon, an Android-powered model and 5-megapixels camera.
  • LG Enlighten - Also available along with Droid Pro on the same network provider.
  • LG Rumor Touch - Currently on Sprint.
  • Nokia Lumia 710 - Microsoft is now giving us a chance to experience their very own Windows Mobile operating system for free.
And before we can forget, prices in other recognized outlets of these phones varies base in your location and service providers. Check some more soon as we continue to keep up with other sales and availability of these handsets.


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