Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gene Simmons Talk About KISS and Angry Birds Partnership

Rovio, the official developer of the blockbuster Angry Birds probably earned the attention of KISS lead singer, Gene Simmons recently when he talk about this game on TV. He noted that he's been with the software company's representative for a deal but for now, it is quite hard for us to determine the exact matter whether the band or Rovio got a common place for a certain business. Or probably, it is a kind of promotional stuff that will benefit the two parties at the same time, right? We also heard that Hello Kitty already embrace the influence of the band and the birds will is now taking place of the big chance.

Gene Simmons Talk About KISS and Angry Birds Partnership

We heard a lot of advertisements coming in and out of the line for Angry Birds. And again, to be one of KISS partner in video game industry could not probably hurt their business! It is good to hear that fans and followers of Angry Birds are still having a great time from the enormous support from Rovio. Every now and then, updates are just a few second or minute as long that Internet connections is always around.

Keep up with the latest news and updates straight from the official website of Rovio aside from the few words of ours. Downloads are now available for the newest version that you can get and experience the coolest and talk of the town game of your time as we continue to follow the other important details you shouldn't missed from the game.

And before we can forget, try to check the upper logo coming from Games Beat and see how KISS change the way it looks like from the usual birds.


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