Saturday, February 25, 2012

Facebook App for PlayStation Vita Reported Problems

Aside from knowing the 3G capability of PlayStation Vita recently, we've been stunned by the newest problems that leaved a lot of message to software developers in PSN store. According to report, a Facebook App has been pulled out due to a several errors and will just immediately force the user to close the program. Official online community of Sony has been flood with questions and reported issue aside from a social networking issue.

Facebook App for PlayStation Vita Reported Problems

Furthermore, if you are one of those folks asking a serious question, we suggest to visit the official help support center of PlayStation's newest ultra-portable gaming console. They are glad to help us with our concern and also willing to extend their wise advises from the common unexpected problem related to their products.

The company is now probably working for a possible solution for any reported issue. It is not actually common for a Facebook app to crash just like of what we have in iPad tablets. MyPad is a stand alone platform, with a customize environment but still, we continue to experience a series crashes.


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