Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Doro PhoneEasy 740 Android-Powered Smartphone

Sometimes, we need to consider the other possible competitor in smartphone industry, right? It doesn't mean that the name can completely tease us but in terms of capability and practicality, why not to try the other means of communication device. Doro is up for their very own PhoneEasy 740, an Android-powered smartphone with only 4GB of storage and packed with an FM radio tuner. We cannot totally compare this model to the classical version of cellphones because it is also equipped with a unique features far from those stuff.

Doro PhoneEasy 740 Android-Powered Smartphone

In terms of physical memory, PhoneEasy 740 embrace a much lower specs, a 512MB which is not actually not bad for its kind. And according to ours source, this will be followed by a series of tablet computers few months from now. They are willing to compete and earned a market share just like of a well-known brands and their plan can probably bring us a much cheaper handheld machines.

The design is quite similar to what we can get from the old phones with a sliding keyboard beneath of its screen. But to make it stand among the others, it includes a Doro Experience Manager were user can fully customize as well manage the entire handset. Features and specs are not yet available and the World Mobile Congress 2012 gave a great way for this smartphone to be heard globally.


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