Thursday, February 9, 2012

DC Comics Revives Smallville for A Digital Edition

For almost 10-years, we've been stunned by the futuristic journey of Superman in Smallville. The CW Television Network gave us the reason to follow the adventure of Clark Kent and his fellow superheroes. And the original series is now moving towards a new version, the digital edition as the 11th season. This might be the sequence of last year's finale but scenes will never be the same again just like of what you have seen on TV.

DC Comics Revives Smallville for Digital Edition as Season 11

What is good about this is that, we can now embrace the power of Superman through our iPad and Android-powered devices as noted by Slash Gear. We can now join Clark as he continue his journey but through a costless platform. Furthermore, we are all looking forward for a free and downloadable e-comics version soon rather than to have it bundled with a subscription package, right?

And the released date was already scheduled on April 13, 2012 but in addition to this report, this will not too long in a digital version. A new set of filming for the all new season of the show is now probably under the plan of The CW Network. So stay tune for more as we continue to follow the other related details of DC Comics digital version of Smallville.


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