Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bouncer Services Added in Google Android Marketplace

Users of Android smartphone and other devices are now probably safe from a possible malware attack cause Google is now working behind us. The company recently announce that a Bouncer services has been added on their marketplace to maintain its efficiency and to provide a toughest security as possible for all of us. The system is currently installed hovering on every bits that keeps on coming in and out of their website. We cannot even experience how it works but according to report, this suspicious script buster behaves like a usual anti-virus software.

Bouncer Services is Now in Google Android Marketplace

And this can remove malicious scripts and can defend the entire system from a possible attack. However, we never heard a single report coming from Google about their plan nor downtime cause by any prominent changes made by outsiders. But they are probably looking forward to protect their costumers from any viral stuff that can interrupt their services.

Downloading as well installing applications coming from Android Market can now be trusted but until when, right? We need to be more vigilant for there are people who are also taking advantage of some vulnerabilities of our devices. The newly installed feature of their system can be patched by someone knowledgeable with your phones.

So keep up with the latest updates straight from Android Market and how their Bouncer services works for you after of this break.


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