Friday, February 3, 2012

Best and Affordable Gaming Laptops in 2012

People who would like to spend their day on their favorite video games will probably ask for a coolest stuff that could cater their needs, right? And guess what, as one of tech enthusiasts on the line, we are all looking forward to what you need by giving you a smart tips in buying the most efficient one. A budget friendly and most affordable entertainment PC as noted by geeks.

We try to look around recently for ultra-portable devices prices and deals. Comparisons and reviews coming from consumers around the world gave us a few important idea on how to make a right decisions in buying. Aside from knowing what's inside the box, these machine is quite distinctive compare to the usual personal computing needs.

Best and Affordable Gaming Laptops in 2012

However, Top Ten Reviews formerly share their own list of computers, all powered by the newest processor hovering in most of local stores and even in Best Buy and Amazon. And these are the model which can really blow your mind upon knowing the specs and corresponding prices. Most of these machines are all packed with NVidia GeForce GTX GPU's with a memory ranging from 1GB to 3GB.

Warranty levels are also included along with a complete device sizes and all powered by Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium and Professional edition. For more, here's our complete list of possibly blockbuster gaming consoles for geeks:
  • Battalion 101 X7200
  • Asus G74SX
  • Alienware M18x, M17x, and M14x
  • MSI GT683
  • Toshiba Qosmio X500
  • Asus with ATI Radeon 5870 GPU
  • Origin Eon17
  • Falcon Northwest TLX
In terms of physical memory or RAM, it ranges from 4GB to a maximum of 16GB and all powered by Intel Core i7 CPU in 1.6GHz to 3.20GHz. It includes a common wireless connectivity support and other typical requirements of a laptop computers. And nowadays, these might be the fastest gaming machines all over the world.

And before we can forget, join us as we update our final list few weeks from now and be a part of our mission to share the most intensive reviews after of this break.


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