Sunday, February 26, 2012

Availability of iPad 3 will Start on March of 2012?

Smart Money gave us an idea on what we can do with our pioneering and second generation of iPad as will start to tease us by the month of March. However, for now, nobody can tell the exact release date of the iPad 3 but lots of people are already anticipating the upcoming new model since then. This might be the right time for us to join the iCloud community to store our settings and be ready for another iOS platform that can change our perceptions towards the new device. A several tips help us to determine the other possible features but Apple never confirm nor give their comments about these details.

Availability of iPad 3 will Start on March of 2012

According to our source, the launching of iPad 3 will affect the re-sale prices of the old models and you probably need to sell a piece of your tablet and get the other promising model. Just like of what happened to iPhone 4 when the 4S model start to change the game, right? And even 3GS is now available in AT&T for free but coupled with a binding contract. It is quite confusing but the availability of the newest smartphone coming from Apple was totally affected by their own decision to bring out the new line of their handsets.

The competition continue to affect the price of tablet computers. And we cannot deny that ViewSonic and other brands starts to tease us for them to gain the other side of the market. The Android online community was filled of apps that support the high-definition (HD) features of these other tablets along with the advancement of their network supports.

Check some more soon as we continue to follow this issue and the official announcements coming from the tablet manufacturer rather than having these rumors to ruin our minds.


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