Monday, February 27, 2012

Asus Transformer Pad 300 Tablet with 16GB of Storage

Few days ago, we heard the newest tablet of Asus with a much higher capacity and probably performance compared to Transformer Pad 300. But the story doesn't end because recently, the company official announce this much more cheaper model with the same size and running a similar Android version, the Ice Cream Sandwich. For now, it is quite difficult to compare these two different tablets but in terms of pricing, this might be a budget-friendly edition of the company. Hopefully, we can have of at least a piece of this handheld PC for us to make a detailed review for those who would like to understand the real stuff.

Asus Transformer Pad 300 Tablet with 16GB of Storage

But before of anything else, here's the available specs of Transformer Pad 300. Hope this can give you a few important details before of its official date of release.
  • CPU: NVidia Tegra 3 (quad-core)
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Size: 10.1-inches 1280 x 800-pixels IPS
  • Storage: 16GB
  • Connectivity: Typical Wi-Fi and 4G (optional)
  • Battery Life: 10-hours (maximum)
  • OS: Google Android 4.0
Other features includes an additional keyboard dock and this model is another LTE-enabled device to join the other smart devices in the market. And for now, there is no word for pricing and availability schedule but you can join us to follow the other important details after of this break.


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