Thursday, February 9, 2012

Apple iPad 3 Possible Official Release Date and Features

There is no words for the official release date of the all new version of Apple iPad but people are now talking about it in Facebook as well in Twitter and other social networking sites already. However, clues coming in and out of technology enthusiast sites could not provide a much clearer idea other than the official website of the company. Online community forum catches predictions coming from their geeks member for the possible features and specs but still, things is getting far from the usual iPad 3 rumors.

Apple iPad 3 Possible Official Release Date and Features

The third-generation table of Steve Jobs will probably come by this year as noted by PC Mag. This might come on the month of March as the company celebrates the upcoming birthday of their founder. And different forecasts brings a light to reveal the exact looks and changes that we can experience if compared to the pasts two versions.

As we can remember, iPhone fanatics has been stunned by a 4S model other than the 5th version, right? Because of this, do we need to expect a similar features for a new upcoming tablet PC? We cannot connect a dot on this issue for now but we know that the iPad 3 will probably bring a more advance enhancements and new iOS capability!

And before we can forget, iTunes is getting more crowded nowadays but questions from consumers remains an obtainable report. Furthermore, we heard about a Retina Display feature which can probably change the way we thought about an iPad's screen but we failed to keep up with the other insights from the closest people who are able to work with Steve before.

You can join us as we continue to follow the other iPad 3 related issue after of this break.


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