Sunday, February 26, 2012

Adobe Photoshop Touch for Apple iPad

Adobe is up for their upcoming apps for iOS and iPad as noted by Venture Beat. And that will be called Photoshop Touch, a handheld PC's version of their blockbuster photo editor designed primarily to work in a multi-touch environment. However, they are planning to launch a new version for Android users and we are also hoping an iPhone and smartphone software aside from knowing the possible features of this software. And how about the controversial support of Flash? Will Apple embrace the new leap of capability just like of other smart devices?

Adobe Photoshop Touch for Apple iPad

That will probably leave us a question to follow next to the official launching of Photoshop touch but of course, they are giving us the reason to continue our skills in another environment, right? Standard for Android and iOS cannot be determined by knowing their differences and regardless of their assembly. The good this is, the portability of apps that originates in PC as well in Mac will now change the way we work in the future.

Pricing and other important details is not yet available but you can join us as we follow this apps in iPad as well in other handheld platforms.


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