Wednesday, February 8, 2012

3DS Free Access to Nintendo Zone Special Contents

Unlimited access to Nintendo Zone might be a big dream for anyone who would like to by-pass their 3DS, right? But of course, due to some probably bugs of their system, a new discovered hack can now let the user connect through their basic home wireless connection as noted by Slash Gear recently. In regular basis, players can only use the network through a designated area like in Best Buy and McDonald. But now, people can enjoy a free access to the 3DS network when someone from the line shared a common techniques on how to do it. This might be a common problem for the console manufacturer and fix might already on its way to patch the whole thing.

3DS Free Access to Nintendo Zone Special Contents

This crack or hack of Nintendo 3DS is just a matter of technicalities a user can learn. And it is giving us a chance to explore stuffs all across the network at no time. We can do this at home or in any available Wi-Fi hot spots.

Furthermore, to know more about this issue, check the following video below but we do not suggest this stuff for you can probably violates a certain rule through gaming console connectivity in the future:

For now, there are few folks in Facebook as well in Twitter who are able to share the coolest jailbreak. But we before we can forget, be more vigilant than to be curious of what you are doing before Nintendo detects this hack which can cause a possible problem on your side.


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