Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Xbox 360 Live Arcade New Downloadable Games is Up!

Microsoft recently announce their newest upcoming and downloadable video games through the Xbox 360 Live Arcade starting this February. According to report, players from United Kingdom already got their schedule were they can start to look around for any available title. Pricing details will probably follow but of course, don't forget to get a free or bonus tracks upon reaching the maximum number of points.

Xbox 360 Live Arcade New Downloadable Games is Up

For now, you can avail a House Party which corresponds to 800-points by helping an alien to escape and Alan Wake's American Nightmare this February 22 which can give you an about 1,200-points. And followed by Nexuiz on February 29 for another 800-points and I Am Alive where you need to find your virtual wife along with her daughter from a ravage world on the month of March.

Join us as once again as we continue to follow the other important details you shouldn't missed in any new and coolest video games you can get in Live Arcade after of this break.


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