Sunday, January 1, 2012

Verizon is Currently Facing a 4G Outage?

Probably because of a massive network requirements needed by their customers as the New Year celebration kickoff this weekend. And guess what, complaints from subscribers includes their problem in activating their phones. According to our source, most of these came with an iPhone 4S users but there is no clear details affecting the other models running on the top of Android as well from Samsung.

Verizon is Currently Facing a 4G Outage

In addition to this, Verizon recently answered some of these comments that Apple must be responsible for this outage. But some Android users in United States also shared a common problem. However, solution is quite far from answers coming from forum threads. News and updates straight from the telecom provider is really necessary at these moment, right? It is because people need to know the exact technical response.

Actually, not all Verizon phones faces a 4G network outage as noted by some recently updated article related to our report and this will remain a question waiting for immediate response. If you are one of those folks asking for any activation related matter from the company, visit their official customer care page for important details you shouldn't missed before it can spoil your time with your handset.


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