Monday, January 2, 2012

Sony Tablet S is Now Available for $400 Only

Guess what, probably, because of the closest rivalry in tablet PC's industry why Sony need to bring out the good price for the consumer. According to report, the 9.4-inch Tablet S is now available for only $400.00 and you can save for about $100.00 in a 16GB model. And of course, you can get a 32GB for $500.00 were $50.00 discount is quite good for someone looking for this version.

Sony Tablet S is Now Available for $400 Only

Actually, since December 15 of last year, Sony starts to drop the tags of these two model of Tablet S. And now, we would like to inform you for the last chance to avail the coolest price along with other promising features. Reviews as well additional details for this year's sale are also available and of course, you need to cool down your excitement and rush before the last drop of supplies in any recognized store of the company.

Before we can forget, this model is powered by Android operating system just like of what you can experience with their very own Galaxy Tab. The teasing properties and performances of iPad is not a big deal for practical shoppers, right?


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