Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sharp Freestyle Aquos Light and Thin LCD Television

Sharp recently showed out their very own innovative television model which is now coming to the market this 2012, the Freestyle Aquos. According to report from the ongoing CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, this might be the lightest brand that surprised anyone upon revealing their product on their event official booth. And guess what, it is available from 20 to 60-inches version and the smallest one will become available packed with rechargeable batteries and integrated handle.

Sharp Freestyle Aquos Light and Thin LCD Television

This will featured a high-definition (HD) video support through a Wi-Fi connection and consumer need to have a smallest spaces in their homes for their Freestyle Acquos. However, we are trying to figure out the inspiration of the company in giving the name on their new TV model. Probably, because of its available features and new LCD platforms that will serve as the game changer in the market shares competition.

Check some more soon as we continue to follow this television model after of this break.


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