Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pantech Element 4G LTE 8-Inch Tablet

Pantech Element is now probably ready to bring out their very own tablet PC few days from now. It is because according to our source, the company showed out a poster of an 8-inch and Android-powered handheld machine. The design is quite similar to what you can get from a Galaxy Tab in terms of size and smoothness of its four edge. However, Samsung continue its battle against the case filed by Apple related to infringement issue.

Pantech Element 4G LTE 8-Inch Tablet

And what is good about this? Prices can be affected by the new competing products and this year might be a right time to choose the right tablet that will fit in your budget, right? Aside from Pantech, other companies are also willing to showcase their products on this upcoming CES and get ready for that as we bring you the latest news and updates straight from the venue of the anticipated event.

In terms of specs, this 8-inch tablet will features a waterproof capability with 1.5GHz of CPU. Packed with 16GB of storage and will probably fall from $300.00 to $450.00 (with binding contract on AT&T) as noted by most of technology enthusiasts sites. Availability will probably start on the second week of this month.


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