Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nokia LTE-Enabled Lumia 900 Mobile Phone

The sleek design of Nokia Lumia 900 probably jive to the tastes of 4G network users in United States. Upon reaching the market last year, the handset really earned the attention of consumers as noted by our sources. It is powered by Windows operating system with 4.3-inches wide LCD and touchscreen capability. And its Long Term Evolution (LTE) capability gave us the reason to keep following this handset on the market.

Nokia LTE-Enabled Lumia 900 Mobile Phone

Furthermore, the new standard in terms of wireless connectivity is an edge of Lumia 900 to be popular among the other brands. According to reports from the ongoing CES 2012, this model is coming to AT&T and will be the first LTE-enabled and Windows Phone from Nokia. The availability of 4G network also inspired the company to embrace the power of this technology.

We heard the first model of Lumia from the western part of the world but pricing is not yet available during that time. And guess what, it is coming to store few days from now for only $100.00 (with binding contract). Aside from that, apps and other features are now available in the official website of Nokia.

Try to check some more about LTE-enabled mobile phones as we continue to follow other brands which is about arrive on stores.


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