Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nintendo Network for Wii U is Now Official

We heard that Nintendo is planning to build a new infrastructure for another possible enhancements of their getting more crowd network. But now, the developer recently announce that downloadable retailed games is up for the console. Add-on content is a usual feature of Wii U and it has been added with a lot of promising capability were title can be acquired immediately in a simple gestures of the user. Digital distribution of the software is also available and teasing sales has been lift to another level. And guess what, before we can forget, this network will allows anyone to make their own personal accounts.

Nintendo Network for Wii U is Now Official

No words for the official launching of this network but of course, we can probably compare this to what we can experience with iTunes and Android stores. Aside from that, Mario Kart 7 has been added with an online communities and they are all looking forward to the upcoming Theatrythm Final Fantasy which will probably make use of user's Wi-Fi connectivity.

Stay tune as we continue to follow the other plans of Nintendo as they pursue their mission to bring us a new gaming experience in the future.


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