Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Megaupload Has Been Purge by FBI and Department of Justice

Megaupload has been shutdown by FBI a couple of weeks ago. And now, if you're one of the website fanatic and follower, you might be able to catch the government department logo with a public notice about their case. Kim Schmitz, their CEO is now in the hands of authority and ongoing investigation for those other people working behind the infamous file-sharing giant all over the world. The U.S. District Court issued a warrant and arrest to the colleagues of Kim. He was arrested on his New Zealand mansion and his luxury cars has been confiscated as a possible evidence for his case.

Megaupload Has Been Purge by FBI and Department of Justice

The website has been charged with Conspiracy to Commit Racketeering, Copyright Infringement, and Money Laundering. One of these is a serious criminal offense which will probably put the man behind the bar for the maximum number of years as his sentence. However, there are folks asking for their legal files and they are now talking about how they can get those important stuff straight from the purged Megaupload site.

You can join their conversation in Facebook and Twitter as well in other social networking sites if you are one of them. Be more vigilant for any government announcement as they re-open the website for two succeeding weeks for us to download our stuff on the line. User will not be given a chance to upload anymore, but for now, the main page of the site is currently filled with a banner that tells anyone about their status.

The government will probably delay the purging because of numerous number of Megaupload users.


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