Monday, January 9, 2012

LG Cinema Screen LM9600 and LM8600 Ultra-Thin TV

LG recently showed out their ultra-thin technology in television giving a 5-millimeter bezel on Cinema Screen LM9600 and LM8600 model. Aside from that, they are about to bring their Cinema 3D and Dual Play this 2012. And probably, the competition continue to inspired them to develop a new innovative version of TV that can tease anyone upon reaching the market.

LG Cinema Screen LM8600 Photo 
LG Cinema Screen LM8600
LG Cinema Screen LM9600 Photo 
LG Cinema Screen LM9600

LM9600 featured a fulled-array LED technology packed with improvements in passive 3D capability. According to our source, the company also added a six-pairs of glasses to optimize the user needs. It is possible to split the screen into two for gaming mode support and got a much deeper 3D control over the other brands. However, prices is not yet available but keep up with the latest news from those people working behind the innovation.

Furthermore, LM8600 is quite similar to LM9600 in terms of size and the depth of color supported by the underlying features. Dual play mode is also available and continuous support from Smart TV has been improve as the original package. Access to Vudu, Netflix, as well in Netflix services is now added with 3D Zone. Wi-Fi connectivity is now supported by this model which is also a new feature that put it to another level.

In addition to this report, support for Flash and HTML 5.0 is also available. And because of the dual-core processing technology, both of these can now support the other possible mode aside from the basic thing that we can imagine. And how about the width? This might be a big question we are trying to figure out after knowing its bezel size.


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