Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kivic One AirPlay Car Audio and Video Interface Device

Kivic One AirPlay device is another portable car audio and video streaming interface that will showed out in CES 2012 this January 10 to 13. It is compatible with iPhones and iPads as the source multimedia files. And because of its standard A/V inputs, this might be good for any vehicle with old stereo model. Output supports a basic HDMI and probably, common RCA and jack sizes.

Kivic One AirPlay Car Audio and Video Interface Device

This pocket-size device can fit to any available slots where a car audio and video system was ported. And according to our source, it is also possible to use this adapter to any home theaters. In addition to this, AirPlay is coming to stores by the month of March for only $200.00. But prices will probably starts to vary base on sales performance.

And before we can forget, this device is a universal gadget or interface which can probably handle a wireless transmissions in the near future.


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