Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kim Schmitz or Megaracer Loses His Crown in Call of Duty

Megaracer is now serving his time behind the bars while on his ongoing court trial. He is known as Kim Schmitz or Kim Dotcom, one of the primary suspect responsible in running Megaupload, the notorious file sharing website which has been shutdown by FBI few days ago. Sad to say, he is losing probably not just his business but also his crown as one of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 number one player in the world since the New Year's Eve. His short-live fame in gaming turned to a million-dollar case which lead to his arrest in New Zealand.

Kim Schmitz or Megaracer Loses His Crown in Call of Duty

However, he denied the allegations that he is one of those responsible people running Megaupload but his lavish lifestyles becomes a legal ground for authority to dig deeper during their investigation. In addition to this, he has a mansion and luxury cars which can really earned the interest of others upon knowing his wealth.

But before of anything else, here's a video of Megaracer, a documentary clip from YouTube as he tried to push himself as the top gamer of Modern Warfare in the world:

It is good to hear that this man also owned a seven 60-inches wide televisions packed with Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming consoles.


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