Tuesday, January 24, 2012

HP Mini 1104 Prices is Much Higher than Its Value?

Other computer manufacturers starts to innovate the industry by going out for another products but guess what, HP is quite different because they are still moving forward without leaving their way. Their very own Mini 1104 is currently available for about $400.00 for Intel Atom N2600 (dual-core) powered machine. This technology might be good few years ago for 10-inches PC with 2GB of RAM (DDR3) and 320Gb of hard drive, right? And the price tag is quite difficult to explain for now but people might choose a budget friendly model rather than taking a few risk out of it.

HP Mini 1104 Prices is Much Higher than Its Value

It is powered by Microsoft Windows Home Premium operating system and already good for a dual-core CPU model. A Bluetooth 3.0 support, WSVGA screen, and battery life which can run for up to 9-hours. Six-cell Lithium Ion battery is an optional package for a much longer operation. Aside from this, other features includes a TPM 1.2 supported by Computrace Pro apps for data management.

Check some more soon as we continue to follow HP Mini 1104 for possible sales and best deals on the line. And as we compare prices with its internal features, it is really high compare to the other brands.


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