Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Facebook is Planning to Activate Timeline to All Users

Facebook gave us a chance to experience Timeline before their plan to activate the entire framework to all users. According to report, they will be giving a mandatory option to clean our accounts before the possible changes. This feature allows us to hide our old posts and give us a new way of sharing our thoughts. And most of our photos taken and posted few years ago will become more visible to our network of friends. We can hide or featured a prominent and most memorable image in our landing page.

Facebook is Planning to Activate Timeline

Furthermore, we can navigate old stuffs from one place to another by moving through a certain point. Aside from the above mentioned features of Timeline, user will be given the following new privilege:

  • Changes in privacy settings on individual items which can allow us to give user-level access.
  • Date can now be change in wall post.
  • Major events in user's life where you can rate a certain memorable happenings in your life.
  • Cover photo aside from a common profile pic.
  • Adding of old stuff and even before the day we were born.
  • Sorting of posts either from the earliest or oldest but you have the option to limit this from your friends.
  • Activity Log to know your pasts changes in either your profile or wall.

These are just the few important features you shouldn't missed with Facebook Timeline. And discover everything by moving your current profile classical-style to the one which looks like your online scrapbook. They are about to require us to change our old format to much better place and way to share our sweetest memories with our friends.


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