Monday, January 30, 2012

F1 Online: The Game Free Version for Any Browser

Guess what, fans and followers of Formula One racing cars can now experience the coolest F1 Online: The Game version through your web browser only. Free-to-play is now available for anyone who would like to compete with other online players. And you have the option to create your own team and redesigned your strategy by changing your keyboard controls and other features. A fully licensed cars to race are also available with drivers and circuits.

F1 Online The Game Free Version for Any Browser

Closed beta version started way back in January 17, 2012 but you can still join the online community of F1 Online for another chances. You can visit their official website for other important details as well opinions and suggestions from the pioneering players. Get a few important tips from the multi-player community of ING and be a part of another possibly blockbuster online game of your time.

But before of anything else, Firefox is a much better browser for F1 Online compared to Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Opera as noted by one of the topmost player recently.


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