Thursday, January 19, 2012

Apple iBooks 2 More Interactive and Advance Services

The product marketing vice president of Apple, Phil Schiller recently announced the new upcoming iBooks 2 services for iPad users. The company initially tried to innovate the field of education through digital platform and again, they are ready to bring a new interactive way of learning. According to report, we can experience a more advance features compare to its pioneering version and additional support from the famous book publishers like McGraw-Hill.

Apple iBooks 2 More Interactive Services is Coming

Furthermore, the company is about to bring a new interactive way of video streaming format, searches, and animations which can probably encourage users to learn in a futuristic way. The new electronic textbook services of Apple will be giving us the opportunity to learn online with a simple gestures and you can start to imagine your self working in a 3D environment.

Other publishers who signed an exclusive contract with Apple includes Pearson Plc and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. These books will now become available in classrooms and a more encouraging features will probably change the four-corner of our classrooms few months from now. iTunes U services for teachers is also available where they can share curriculum for free as the extension of the system.

Teachers can now upload their notes and video demonstrations plus syllabuses and e-textbooks through the iTunes U. iBooks Author is another free additional services that can let users not just to import text files from other documents instead, we can also make our own e-books as we wish.


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