Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Apple Failed to Blocked Samsung Galaxy Tab in Netherlands

Probably, because of their attempt to maintain the integrity of their very own iPad tablets, Apple recently appealed to banned Samsung Galaxy Tab in Netherlands. But according to the latest news straight from the Dutch court, the case related to IP infringement of Android-powered tablet has been dismissed. Narrow presentation of evidence related to the patented parts becomes their basic grounds.

Apple Failed to Blocked Samsung Galaxy Tab Sales in Netherlands

However, the outside design pioneered by Apple is quite similar to what we can see with Samsung but the overall impressions is quite far from what they're trying to point out. FOSS Patents report also noted that ergonomic features has been disregarded due to some practical reason in a fast-evolving parts of our technology.

Protection for their design has been maintained by a certain patent number which also maintain the privacy of their products. Consumers have the right to choose the right stuff base on their own taste and that will possibly going to happen next to this undisclosed issue between the two giant IT and innovative provider in the world.


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