Monday, January 30, 2012

Aion Free-to-Play Version is Now Available!

Prior to its official launching this coming February 2012, Aion Free-to-Play version is now available for download. It started few days ago and you can experience the content of Gameforge one of the most anticipated game. For now, they are giving a chance to join the free access level where you can be the first gamer who can explore the available features of the full upcoming version. Fans and followers are also given a chance to join the online community to share their insights along with the other players.

Aion Free-to-Play Version is Now Available

According to report, they are now having a great time to accommodate the huge numbers of possible players by adding a much better services with their servers. And they are all open for any suggestions for the operation and support of Aion. Features as well informative details regarding the game is now available on their official website, but for now, nobody can tell the official release date and pricing info for each copy.

And before we can forget, sneak peaks and photo galleries for all possible characters are now available. You can also receive a few tips from the FAQ of their website.

Beta users are now invited to join their online community and to experience the coolest stuff that awaits. Try to check some more soon for other news and updates as we continue to follow those other important stuff you probably need for your gaming consoles after of this break.


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