Saturday, November 19, 2011

Philips Magnavox LCD HDTV Coupon Codes and Deals

Coupon codes of Philips Magnavox LCD HDTV are now available on Sears as well in Kmart. You can try to look around for other deals from different Black Friday and Cyber Monday participating stores. But before of anything else, try to examine the right way of buying rather than to spoil your holiday season shopping spree and to throw away your budget for nothing, right? Aside from this, if you're looking for a good and wide PC monitor, this can probably give you the right stuff to consider.

Philips Magnavox LCD HDTV Coupon Codes and Deals

However, we cannot totally compare this model to Samsung (with the same screen size) and LG Infinia at these time but in terms of tags, Magnavox is on the lowest line. It is also packed with a Smart TV capability as noted by its promising features from the official website of Philips. Featuring a Dolby Digital surround sound added with a digital tuner and several AV RCA input terminals. According to reviews, it posses a high-definition (HD) and sharp widescreen. And other multimedia connectivity is also available just like of the other brands.

And of course, before we can forget, it is now available in Sears for $200.00 and $180.00 in Kmart. This holiday season, there are about 44 available coupon codes (printable) on these two different stores and you can grab it from a few taps of your keyboard. Try to look around in Best Buy as well in Macy's to know more about the availability of Philips television and look for 22ME601B model, your basic guide to the exact stuff we are trying to point out.

Furthermore, shipment and free installation will depend from other promotional package of the above mentioned stores.


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