Saturday, November 19, 2011

Black Samsung Epic 4G Smartphone Availability

Availability of black Samsung Epic 4G (in slide style) starts to gather thousands and even millions of hungry consumers around the world upon knowing its 4G's capability and other features. However, we cannot compare this smartphone model to any Apple blockbuster mobile phones, right? It is because somehow, the tastes of each consumer varies in any angle. iPhone 4S is quite far in terms of store tags but of course, this handset is not too late to bump!

Black Samsung Epic 4G Smartphone Availability

According to our source, in United States, you can start to own an Epic 4G model for only $30.00 to $550.00. Prices will vary base in consumer's selected plan from Sprint, Verizon, and other top-rated network providers. It is also available in Wirefly, Cellular Choices, and Cellular Deals. Coupons and other deals can be enjoy by anyone this Black Friday of this year. Furthermore, experience the fasts and reliable newest network speed with Epic and be inspired by the promising specs.

For now, 4G network are still expanding all through out the country and probably, regional settings is quite difficult to talk about but the future of this smartphone is getting more visible than before. Just like of Apple, Samsung is giving us the opportunity to take advantage the best deals for this model this coming Cyber Monday 2011. And this might be the right time for anyone to place an order online before participating stores closes their sales.

In terms of specs, this phone is powered by an Android operating system with a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity features. Data transfer is supported by either GPRS, WiMAX, EDGE, and HSDPA. MicroSD slot is also available for additional storage capability and packed with advance multimedia applications aside from a free access to Android market.

And in addition to reviews and costumer commentaries, Samsung Epic 4G is quite good in a black color. A unique graphical user interface really jive to its entire body theme. Other color are also available but of course, dark-themed phone fanatics might choose the awesome one as their favorite. Detailed reviews and other important details can be your helpful guides to get your own this holiday season.

Update: Before we can forget, we also spotted Samsung Epic 4G way back in the month of July in Sprint ranging from $79.00 to $540.00.


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