Friday, November 18, 2011

Acer Chromebook AC700-1099 with Wi-Fi Connectivity

Upon hearing the word "Chromebook" from this Acer ultra-portable computer model, we thought of the blockbuster Google Chrome browser. However, it is quite far from what we expect cause right now, the company recently showed out the best price of their 11-inches AC700-1099 notebook. Hovering from $320.00 to $350.00 only. This might be the right time to shop before the Cyber Monday and Black Friday of this year but of course, try to consider the other important details you shouldn't missed in buying your own piece.

Acer Chromebook AC700-1099 with Wi-Fi Connectivity

Throw away your worries and do not regret for your budget cause several changes for its price is currently settling between the above mentioned tag. Specifications from different participating stores on this holiday season starts to vary along with the other accessories added from the bases. According to our source, this model is powered by an Intel Atom Dual-Core CPU with an optional World-mode 3G capability.

Aside from that, it is packed with a high-definition (HD) webcam (resolution is not yet available) with two USB ports (new generation), HDMI, audio output, and more. The track-pad is posses a clickable features adding a unique thing that you can get from Acer. This might be the signature they should promote to their worldwide costumers, right? And probably, they are aware of the biggest competition in IT industry that is why they need to bring out the best machine to capture the tastes of the shoppers.

In addition to this report, it is now available in Amazon along with Aspire One and Timeline models. It is great to share a few idea but of course, we suggest to try in other product reviews or try to compare the different prices online for the most important info you shouldn't missed before placing your order. It is also available in Wal-Mar, Verizon, and in their very own official website on the line.

And before we can forget, base in our own pre-evaluation, Acer Chromebook is the thinnest PC to inline with its predecessors. Hope this few words of ours can guide this holiday season shopping spree.


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