Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs Passed Away at The Age of 56

Nobody in this world is probably aware of what will going to happen to Steve Jobs after leaving his position as Apple's CEO. Few weeks ago, we've been surprised by his resignation and publicly announced his own reason. However, people start to talk about his health problem in Facebook, Twitter, as well in other social networking sites. Far from what we are trying to expect, he finally reached the end of his journey.

Steve Jobs Passed Away at The Age of 56

At the age of 56, Steve Jobs passed away with no sign aside from his health problem noted by the online writers who happens become more closer to the company since then. Technology enthusiasts and alike are now giving their tribute to the man who able to change the dreams of millions to reality. The only Steve who can transform our vision for good not just for himself but for the rest of what we are trying to keep up.

We heard his name not just in early 90's but since he started to work hard for Apple. His ups and downs become an inspiration for everyone in the business and we cannot deny that Steve already leaved us his legacy in any manner, right? He is the man behind the blockbuster iPhone, iPad, and of course, everyone in Machintosh as well in NeXT.

As one of technology writer around the world, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the man behind the success of Apple company. He is not just a simple employee who reached the top of the world because of his desire to improve his business but to explore the unknown possibilities of the pasts.

And before we can forget, Apple is now paying tribute to Steve by giving him a special page on their official website telling everyone about his contribution in humanity. See the following details below for more:

This message reminds us of his legacy not just in Apple but also to everyone who's been inspired by his work of art. We can still remember his pasts lives in "Pirates of the Silicon Valley," a movie which has been made from the effort of Apple and Microsoft company, the rivalry of this two industrial giants continue until now.

Try to catch some more soon as we continue to follow the latest news and updates related to Steve Jobs.