Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Deep Freeze 7.0 for Windows 7 - Download a Full and Free Version

The first time I heard the all new operating system of Microsoft, I've been thinking of another software that can support our school computer laboratory like of the previous version of Deep Freeze as we change to the new platform. Version 5.0 and 6.0 is actually working great for Microsoft Windows XP Professional or Home Edition as we tried to prevent a disastrous computer viruses in every workstation.

And now, we have a new set of machines good for another school workstation and we are planning to pack it with Windows 7 Ultimate Edition without considering our previous setup just to get rid of any malicious codes from student's files and flash drives. And guess what, I heard Deep Freeze 7.0 from a colleague, a new version which can aide our requirements to maintain the integrity of our every workstation. I tried to get our first copy in an unknown site offering a free downloadable package. But in my surprise, I ended with malicious and infected files. Thanks to Avast! Home Edition for the quick action against it.

Deep Freeze Running in MS Windows 7 OS

As I try to look around recently for another copy, most of reliable sources on the line deleted this file in their databases and probably because of a certain issue coupled in every copy of Deep Freeze. Although for now, we try to figure out the reason why they need to terminate their connection in the maker of this software.

Of course, we will not let you hanging from here because somehow, there are few site offering a free version of Deep Freeze 7.0 but take your risk downloading this file from any possible sources on the Internet. I suggest, check the right website rather and do not sacrifice your computing experience in any possible danger.

Visit the official website of Deep Freeze and discover the most important factor that can affect your system. Know the basic requirements of the software before doing your next moves and hope this few words of mine will guide you in any ways.

Update: Someone on the line is asking on how to get a copy of Deep Freeze Enterprise 8.3. A fully functional package with overall support in Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Edition. However, the cost of the latest version is totally different from what we can pay for Windows 7 or 8 platform. That includes a handful of new capabilities and functions aside from having a simple computer-restore application.

According to reports associated in Deep Freeze Enterprise for Windows 10, user can choose to save setting preferences as far in cloud storage. They are calling this as cloud-base update, a new sophisticated feature that will allow the entire system to work with an iPad-like synchronization.

In addition, aside from enterprise edition, you can choose a standard version for cheaper cost. And don't forget to own a Deep Freeze straight from the download server of Faronics (the company behind the development of this software) and not from any unknown source that may give a lot of problem rather than your expected solution.



Cyber Crave has been flood with both negative and positive comments recently and we would like to inform you that this topic was made to open the curiosity and help our readers. And that is not to give the download source of Deep Freeze 7.0.

However, you can visit the official website of Faronics, the maker of this software for a full and complete version.

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