Monday, June 7, 2010

Apple iPhone 4G Availability is Up!

It's time for us to keep an eye on this new upcoming model of Apple iPhone and now, in 4G. According to report, Steve Jobs is about to deliver his new keynote at WWDC 2010 for this new upgraded version of his company blockbuster phone. For this time, we too curious about it and although nobody from Apple confirmed this news, from a few rounds of research, we find out that they are actually planning to produce this next generation of iPhone because HTC already announced their HD2 and Sprint for their EVO 4G last week.

The above mentioned phone might be one of its toughest competitor but we believe, that Apple iPhone 4G will still earned most of consumer attention craving for its features and performances. However, there are rumors that Steve will probably provoke what is missing with Google Android phone soon. And speculations of its availability is now coming and this new model will come to be named iPhone HD.

Apple iPhone 4G Availability is Coming

Furthermore, pricing and release date starts to make a little rounds also. You can try to check some more news and updates in regards with this story after this break.


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