Saturday, April 24, 2010

Velocity Micro Cruz 7-Inch Tablet

Velocity Micro is now ready to bump their very own Cruz, a 7-inches tablet which will come pre-loaded with Android 2.1 which will run on the top of an ARM-based processor at 800MHz and just like what we are waiting for a tablet, it is also designed to support Flash Player 10.1. It is a new version of Flash which is currently available for download for those who would like to experience the new features of this apps within. According to previous report, Google Android are now start to join smartphones and other available tablets.

Engadget got the first impressions of Velocity Micro Cruz tablet and we are now waiting for the upcoming review and full-detailed specs to share with you soon. According to source, this will come in two available model, one with a 16:9 as well in 4:3 in terms of ratio aspects.

Furthermore, this will come probably for about $300 or less as noted by Liliputing recently. Try to check this photo below for a little hardware overview of Cruz tablet.

Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet PC



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