Saturday, April 24, 2010

iPad Clones, Imitations Now in Shenzhen Market

There are bunch of iPad wanna be in the wild market of Shenzhen now a days which is far from our knowledge because there are variety of these models which is pretty enduring in terms of external design and features. Cloned in China isn't new for this news and updates in regards with all of these things happening in China black market, from Apple MacBook Air to hundreds of portable media players (PMP), they doesn't missed to provide us the list of those gadgets which can trick our eyes on the first glimpse.

We would like you to know these three available iPad clones spotted by the above mentioned source from Chinese market and these model are now probably headed to different regions already.

Utopia Tablet

It came from Shenzhen Utopia Tech, a China-based company but with no specific address mentioned in their region where we can find them or call for their Utopia iPad clone tablet. According to report, there are handful of videos that is currently available at the company website to make people believe that this model is real.

While other company's starts to develop tablet PC to run Android, this is now already packed with Google mostly heard operating system for smartphones and smart devices.

In term of specs, it is allegedly run on the top of Rockchip RK2808 chipset, with a 7-inches 800 x 480-pixels display, and supports a native 720-pixels video playback. For now, there is no words for pricing mentioned from the said source but try to catch it soon on the regions and probably come on a different brand name.

Here's a photo which can let you make a little sneak for Utopia tablet:

Utopia iPad Tablet Clone

Jumper Tablet

Try to imagine an iPad running Windows 7 operating system, supports and bringing the gestures of this computing platform, it is all in Jumper tablet, another clone for Apple's slate which is also spotted recently by Cloned in China at Shenzhen. This starts to popped-up recently to deliver the power of Intel Atom N450 processor on slate computers and this is our first to hear this tablet that runs on the top of a Pine Trail processor.

Other specs includes a 2GB of memory, 250GB of hard disk drive, 10.1-inches touch-screen display (imagine a convertible tablet size in term of screen), and a 1.3-megapixels built-in camera. Check the following Jumper tablet photo below for an overview of this iPad clone.

Jumper iPad Tablet Clone

iPad Clone with Keyboard (side slide)

It is pretty similar to what Nokia N97 looks like but there is no available name for this model yet. One of its unique feature from other model is that, it has a side slide keyboard which is also similar to Motorola newest phone sharing a similar feature. See the following photo of this iPad look-alike below:

iPad Tablet Clone with Slide Keyboard



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